By Viktor Eriksson

Work as dev at Pilloxa

We are looking for mobile and backend devs

About Pilloxa

Pilloxa is developing a smart pillbox accompanied by a mobile app that improves medical adherence. During a project at Karolinska University Hospital the four founders (medical doctor, engineer, industry designer and economist) found that poor medical adherence is common and brings severe consequences for both patients and the health care system. It leads to poor health, increased use of healthcare and costs society 2 billion euro every year, only in Sweden.

We have researched and verified the need through hundreds of interviews with patients, relatives, care givers, pharmacists, researchers and patient organizations in addition to a thorough literature study.

The solutions on the market today do not solve the problem in its entirety. Pilloxa will offer a holistic solution to this problem by using a combination of hardware, a web service and a mobile app.

What we are building

We think that functional programming is a paradigm that reduces bugs, makes refactoring and concurrency easier and lets you develop handy things for structuring your app architecture. Therefore a lot of the stack will be based on interesting functional languages. Since the project is in a fairly early stage we will happily involve you in fundamental decisions like programming languages and the overall architecture.

Mobile app

Written in ClojureScript with React Native


Will initially be based on AWS Lambda and ClojureScript running on Node but will most likely change in the future, Elixir might be a good candidate for the relevant applications.

Who are we looking for

We are looking for people that really enjoy building great products with modern technologies. (With modern we do not mean trendy but rather innovative). We are looking for people that are drawn to finding solutions to complex problems that yield great results.

We want to build a team of a few skilled developers that could tackle a variety of tasks while also specializing in certain areas rather than an army of developers that only operate within their present sphere. We believe that a skilled developer using the adequate tools is multiples of ten more productive than an average developer with legacy technology.

Sounds interesting? Send us an email at with your github profile or other proof that you are a developer, and we will get back to you asap!